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RFP 2019-004 Curbside Collection of Garbage, Compostables, Recyclables and Container Glass

Request for Proposal


The District of Mission is inviting Proposals for the collection of garbage, compostables, recyclables, and container glass,
from single-family, multi-family, and civic facilities in Mission.

In general, existing service details are as follows:
• Weekly manual curbside collection of compostables and recyclables, and bi-weekly manual curbside
collection of garbage and container glass, from approximately 10,700 single-family dwellings and
secondary suites;
• Weekly onsite cart collection of compostables and recyclables, and bi-weekly onsite cart collection of
container glass, from approximately 2,200 multi-family dwellings and from 8 municipal facilities (only
approximately 1,310 units of the 2,200 have compostables collection); and
• Annual Spring Clean-Up manual collection for single-family dwellings and secondary suites.

Public Opening



3:00 PM (Local Time) on Thursday, January 30, 2020

Close Location

Public Works Building - Purchasing Department
33835 Dewdney Trunk Road
Mission, B.C. V2V 4L9

Information Meeting



Steve Neufeld
Email: sneufeld@mission.ca
Fax: 604-820-3787


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